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WHO's Flying Tailor

Flying Tailor is an unsigned, instrumental, electro-visual band that creates atmospheric nights using accessible experimentalism, combining live acoustic instruments with electronic arrangements. Audiences and blogs liken Flying Tailor to artists such as Bonobo, Four Tet and The Books.

We produce everything from our string arrangements to the video art in our live performances, which give audiences audio-visual experiences that are both introspective and danceable. Our ideal venues are clubs and outdoor stages. 


Since 2014, Flying Tailor, has been showcased in venues such as the O2 Islington, Ronnie Scott, Camden Assembly Hall, the Pompei Street Art Festival, and on platforms such as Sofar Sound and Tunnel Sessions.


A Flying Tailor live performance delivers an original experience that won’t be forgotten by psychedelic and electronic music lovers and that there’s an addictive quality to our tracks.


Give it a Spin!: “there are some really beautiful textures happening”


Grotesqualizer: “Intriguing vibe, nice arrangement”


Músico Abstracto: “the current state of the music (speaking in general) needs this kind of exploration.”



“The rich and absolutely hypnotic soundscape of the piece presented a really gripping and mesmerizing listening experience, greatly complemented by the stellar music video presentation”


Vincent McDowell:

“This is really cool! Great work, I loved the attention to detail and the incorporation of the strings […]  I personally really appreciated this great piece of art! :)”


Liquid Sounds:

“I really enjoy the atmosphere that this track creates. The beat is perfectly intense and has a mysterious feel to it that I really like. Moreover, the added vocals are very smooth and the production is dope. […] This is amazing!”


Riccardo Pietri:

“What you create guys is really unique and epic. I have never listened something like this before. […] you’re really creative artists”

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